Estate Services

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The American Yacht Institute Estate Services provides professional training for household managers, butlers, personal assistants, chefs and housekeepers. Our students are trained to work efficiently, professionally and invisibly.

The American Yacht Institute is setting a professional standard in training of estate staff. Interior and exterior staff learn the basics of what is expected of them. Our current seminar offers training in the following.

  • Professional Etiquette and Social Skills
  • Russian, French and Plate Table Service
  • Buffet Style Party Service
  • Valet Services
  • Basic Bartending
  • Security, Confidentiality, and Privacy Issues
  • Interior and Exterior Detailing
  • Emergency Procedures, Safety Equipment
  • International Customs and Protocol
  • Dietary Restrictions
  • Hygienic Handling of Food

The American Yacht Institute is committed to the quality of our students’ education and to their success in your home.

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Professional Training Schedule – Ft. Lauderdale 2013


Other Related Classes & Seminars

  • Custom Household Organization
  • Custom Household Manuals
  • Personalized Service Systems
  • Staff Evaluations and Referrals
  • Structuring of Maintenance Programs

The American Yacht Institute offers “On Location” training. This includes any of the subjects covered in class plus training that is specific to your particular estate.

Advanced, Private and Other Educational Classes. Often it is necessary for staff to be “cross trained” in numerous skills. In light of this, we offer professional advancement seminars in the following areas. Click on the links below to see a short description of the seminars.

  • Staff Management Seminar
  • Social Secretary Skills
  • Wines of the World
  • Basic Bartending

Cost and scheduling vary per subject matter. Dates are subject to cancellation if minimum class size is not attained.